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The Youth Ministry at First Baptist Church seeks to be a place

where young people can feel loved and secure; a place where

they can learn about God's gift of grace; a place where they can

safely grow in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and others

as Jesus did as a teenager. We consider the Youth Ministry not

just ministry to teenagers but to the entire family.


YOUTH ARE LEARNING ABOUT OUR WORLD on a daily basis from a multitude of informational sources. Some of these sources are reliable while many are not. The Youth Ministry seeks to offer answers to young people that are accurate and truthful instead of deceptive or manipulative. Many youth today feel that the world is against them. We hope to make First Baptist a place where they feel people are behind them and are for them.

Being a teenager means learning about life and sometimes learning the hard way. We strive to help them learn from their mistakes, celebrate their accomplishments, have fun in a safe environment, and experience the hope and forgiveness of God offered through Christ. In a world that encourages individuals to take care of only themselves, we offer young people the opportunity to experience the fulfillment of helping others. We desire for all youth to discover that following Christ is the wisest choice they can ever make.

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Youth Programs are regularly scheduled as follows:​


9:45 a.m.: Bible Study (Youth and Children Suite)

5:00 p.m.: Fun, Games, and Study (Youth and Children Suite)

Our ministry also offers many other events for young people including local mission projects, mission trips, retreats, ski trips, summer camp, beach trips, ball games, fun nights (bowling, putt-putt, etc.), and seasonal parties. Hope to see you there!

For more information, call our Associate Pastor of Education and Youth,
Scott Thrailkill, at (919) 735-2516 or send email to scott[at]

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