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Welcome! Thank you for visiting us!

Guests are always welcome at First Baptist. I hope you’ll add a visit to our church site as well as to our website. We would love to meet you! Being the oldest congregation in Goldsboro, we’re steeped in a proud history. But, don’t let first impressions mislead you. We are very much committed to a ministry that speaks to today's needs and tomorrow's challenges. We are constantly "giving birth" to new ministry ideas.


As our mission statement says, we are always growing, dependent on God, and ministering to each other, to our community, and to the world. Browse around our website, and learn about us. Please drop in for a personal visit. If you do, I think you’ll find a vibrant downtown church and a people who are welcoming, honest, and full of hope and the joy of the Lord Jesus Christ.



Charles J. Nelson founded the first Sunday School in what was then Waynesborough in 1840. Three years later, that small group of devout Christians formed the first church in town. For 180 years, FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH has been a beacon of Christ's light in Wayne County.

NOTE: Bulletins, newsletters, and worship service audio/video may be found in the calendar above on the respective date.



We have two opportunities for worship at First Baptist:



You are always invited to come and experience His presence each week in person or live on WGBR 1150 AM/98.3 FM, or on Facebook.

Bulletins, newsletters, and sermons may be found here on their respective dates.



  • To be dependent on God's leadership

  • To grow in faith in Jesus Christ as Lord through worship, Bible study, prayer, and fellowship

  • To witness and minister to each other and to the larger community

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